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Welcome to Wireless Mouse UK

Fed up with not having a "proper" mouse with your laptop / notebook, or just a fancy new model to go with your desktop?

Sounds like you need a wireless mouse, a mouse that will give you the freedom to manouevre around your desk without the risk of getting cords tangled around your coffee cup.

Whether you are looking for a cheap wireless mouse, or a high-end mouse, this site lists all the top mice from leading manufacturers, so if you fancy a nice Logitech mouse, or still plan to stick with a Microsoft mouse (maybe you are upgrading from the Intellimouse?) you've come to the right place, as we include a price comparison for each model to make sure you get the cheapest price.

If looks are more important than technical specifications to you, you can also use our colour tool on the right to narrow down the mouse you are looking for by colour, so whether you fancy a pretty pink mouse, or a funky blue mouse, we've got you covered.

You can also benefit from the on site user reviews - and don't forget to visit back when you've made your purchase to leave a review for the mouse you purchased!


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